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Talena Tillman is a native of Houston, Texas. She's a devoted wife and mother to three bundles of joy.   Her first book debuted on in January 2021, and she’s written six novels to date.

At twenty-eight, Talena has already made her mark on the literary world. She writes urban fiction romance as well as street-lit. Being creative since she was younger, she does web designing too. 

"Read, Write, & Laugh..." is her motto.

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King Sullivan has been through so much in his childhood. Because of that, he has issues—deep-rooted issues. But then he meets Amara and things slowly change for him. For King, the affection of Amara reaches deep into his psyche, empowering him and drawing him towards self-love. She believed in him when he couldn’t believe in his damn self. Both come with insecurities but vow to be available to the other in body and soul. As with any couple, they face obstacles. However, these two share a bond that’s so strong nothing can penetrate what they’ve built.

“And King….”
“Yeah, A?”
“As long as you vow to have my back in the darkest hours, I got yours for the rest of your existence.” Amara winked behind her eyeglasses.
King narrowed his eyes at her, examining her beautiful face. He took a moment before saying,
“When a nigga get to where I want to be financially, I’m going to marry you, Shorty.”
Amara smiled.
“I know. I believed you the first time you told me.”

Catch a vibe with Amara & King.

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“The journey of a lifetime starts with the turning of a page.”
―Rachel Anders

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