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Talena Tillman is a native of Houston, Texas. Her first book debuted on in January 2021, and she’s written several novels to date. 
At twenty-nine, Talena has already made her mark on the literary world. Her series Rescued by A Savage is what put her on the map. She writes urban fiction and urban romance, penning imperfect black love beautifully.

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He’s her best friend.
Her protector.
Her soulmate.

Capone was all in one for Moriah. He served as her everything. They started as best friends, but their love for one another eventually blossomed into something more. Something more beautiful and powerful.

Unfortunately, life gets in the way of their sudden feelings for one another. Moriah leaves Capone scorned and heartless. But does he play a role in their fall-out too?

Certain decisions separate the two souls for years, then out of the blue, Capone gets an urgent call from his best friend…

“It’s me, Cap.” The moment I heard her soft, shaky voice, my heart rate accelerated. There was silence before she spoke again. “I know it’s been years. But the last time we spoke you told me if I ever needed you, you would come. I...I need y—”
“Say less…” I cut her off. “Send me the address, Mo.”

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Catch a vibe with Cap & Mo.

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“The journey of a lifetime starts with the turning of a page.”
―Rachel Anders

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